At Boating World we are proud of our reputation as the leading African importer of luxury motor-yachts. The portfolio of brands that we represent equals our understanding of flawless class and appeal.

As principle agent of Fairline, Riviera, Sea Ray, Sunreef, Jeanneau and Fountaine Pajot, our clients are assured a wide range of cruising, fishing and sailing boats to suit their lifestyle. Super yachts along the African coastline are growing in numbers. For clientele in the market for vessels of 80ft and larger, we offer a range of Azimut, Benetti and Lazarra boats that are custom built for top-drawer affluence.

Since our establishment in 1999 we have successfully safeguarded the delivery of countless imported boats into many African countries as well as the adjacent islands, including Angola; Nigeria; Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Some people think that building a boat is too difficult. No, it is not and you can, in fact, build a real boat for a decent price. Probably, if you want to be on the water, fishing or sailing, then you may be excited to construct your own boat. You don’t need to rent from others because you can actually have you own! There are many ways to create a boat, so it is best to know what you want first. Well, you may say that you can but a brand new boat. However, it is way too costly. Making your own will be cheaper, plus you can choose the materials for your own safety.

Well, you can use argos promo code and you will realize how much money you can save. Its materials could be found in online stores where you can actually have variety of choices. Aside from that, building a boat means a lot of fun. You can create something using your own two hands. You can even do it with your kids, which could also build fond memories. It is something that they will never forget. Indeed, it will give you a sense of satisfaction because you make your own choice!



attention to detail

Importing boats from England, France, Australia and USA, the Boating World is synonymous with the luxury yachting lifestyle. Known for our absolute attention-to-detail concerning even the most basic necessity, our highly experienced team of boating experts offer buyers not only sales, but also exceptional after sales service and a brokerage services. Our pre-owned boats division delivers our clients an extensive range of quality second hand boats. We offer a range of boating equipment and accessories and are the exclusive agents for Airberth and Pier Plas in Southern Africa.

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